Finland Studio is centered around a large recording room with ceilings rising to 5,5 m, natural light
and with varriable acoustics. Besides the large room are two
isolation-rooms with vissual contact to the main live room.

The sounds meet to form music in the 35 sqm controll room that can also serve as an auxillary recording room should the need arise. The controll room is acoustically well treated to give you controll of what goes in the mix. From the controllroom there is vissual contact to all recording rooms.

The studio is equipped with a Pro Tools HD2 rig and a fine assortment of outboard micpre’s and compessors as well as lexicon reverberation and a vintage EMT 140 plate reverb.

The microphone-locker contains both vintage classics and moderne microphones from Neumann, Brüel; Kjaer, AEA and others.